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1 JL784 The Phonics Handbook (in print letters)

The best place to start when teaching Jolly Phonics to a class. The Phonics Handbook is a complete resource for teaching reading, writing and spelling that provides a detailed guide to teaching the five key skills and are packed with photocopiable sheets.

2 JL288 Jolly Phonics Word Book (in print letters)

“A handy teacher’s resource providing useful lists of words made from the individual letter sounds and digraphs. Ideal for dictation and blending practice in class.

Size: 8.5×6 inches

3 JL08X Jolly Phonics Cards (in print letters)

Four sets of flashcards in one box, suitable for whole-class use:

Set 1 – 60 Letter sound flashcards covering the 42 letter sounds plus the alternative spellings of the vowel sounds.

Set 2 – 88 Regular word blending cards. Dots under each sound help children to blend the sounds into words.

Set 3 – 80 Alternative word blending cards with the alternative spelling of vowels. Dots under each sound also remind children that two letters can make one sound.

Set 4 – 72 Tricky word cards. Numbered in recommended teaching order.

4 JL33X Jolly Phonics Picture Flash Cards (in print letters)

A set of picture flashcards introducing 43 main letter sounds and 17 alternatives taught in Jolly Phonics.

5 JL106 Jolly Phonics Letter Sound Strips (in print letters)

These reference strips can be used by each child in the class to help them remember the spelling of a sound for writing. The letter sounds are on one side and the alternative spellings of the vowels on the other.

Prices per strip or Pack of 30 identical strips.

UK and US versions available, both in print letters.

Note: The UK version has doctor visit picture for /ar/ and the US version has a seal barking for /ar/.

¥200 / strip & ¥2,135 / 30 pack
6 JL316 Finger Phonics, set of books 1–7 (in print letters)

“Each of the seven board books deal with one group of letter sounds. Cut-out letters on each page show children’s fingers the correct formation for every letter.

14 pages per book

Size: 9×8.25in

7 JL944 Finger Phonics Big Books, set of books 1–7 (in print letters)

“A set of seven Finger Phonics books in Big Book format, for whole class use. The storyline and action appear on each page.
16 pages per book

Size: 18.5x15inches

8 JL764 Jolly Phonics Teacher’s Book (in print letters)

This accompanies student books 1, 2 & 3. It provides daily guidance for each of the corresponding pages in Student Books 1, 2 & 3.

9 JL772 Jolly Phonics Student Book 1 (in print letters)


Covers all the 42 letter sounds, with the Jolly Phonics action, letter formation, listening for letter sounds in words, blending activities and the first set of tricky words.

10 JL780 Jolly Phonics Student Book 2 (in print letters)


Continues to build on the skills that the children have been taught in book 1. It introduces more tricky words, alternative letter sound spellings and basic sentence structure to encourage independent writing.

11 JL799 Jolly Phonics Student Book 3 (in print letters)


Contains further activities to consolidate the learning in books 1 & 2, as well as new spelling patterns, tricky words plus short and long vowels.

12 JL502 Jolly Phonics Workbooks, Set of 1–7 (in print letters)

These 24-page workbooks are a fun way for children to put their skills into practice. The complete set of 7 workbooks covering all the 42 letter sounds in print letters.

13 JL324 Jolly Phonics Wall Frieze, Pack of 7 strips (in print letters)

Comes in seven illustrated strips which can be put up together or individually.

14 JL235 Jolly Phonics Letter Sound Poster (in print letters)

A poster showing the 42 letter sounds, each with a reminder of the Jolly Phonics action.

15 JL695 Jolly Songs (book and CD)

A collection of songs set to popular tunes for each of the 42 letter sounds in Jolly Phonics. These songs are sung in North American English. A4 book (in print letters) with audio CD.

16 JL246 Jolly Phonics Read and See, Pack 1 (12 titles) (in print letters)

A pack of 12 themed word books (basic words), which help children practice sounding out and blending once they’ve learned the letter sounds. Ideal first books for children to read.

17 JL408 Jolly Phonics Read and See, Pack 2 (12 titles) (in print letters)

A pack of 12 themed word books (digraphs), help children practice sounding out and blending once they’ve learned the letter sounds. Ideal first books for children to read.

18 JL855 The Grammar Handbook 1 (in print letters)

The Grammar 1 Handbook is for use the year after The Phonics Handbook. It features 36 structured grammar lessons, 36 spelling and punctuation lessons, practical advice and ideas for teaching grammar, and photocopiable activities.

19 JL372 Jolly Phonics Blends Wheels (pack of 10 wheels)

The Jolly Phonics Blends Wheels will develop children’s awareness of initial and final consonant blends for reading and writing. The wheels are double-sided, so that initial consonant blends can be made on one side and final consonant blends on the reverse. Can be used with the Grammar 1 Handbook or Pupil book.

¥300 / wheel & ¥2,680 / 10 pack
20 JL930 Grammar 1 Teacher’s Book (in print letters)

Designed to accompany the Grammar 1 Student Book, the Grammar 1 Teacher’s Book provides detailed lesson guidance for teaching spelling and grammar to children in the year after Jolly Phonics.

21 JL922 Grammar 1 Students Book (in print letters)

Designed to follow on from the Jolly Phonics Student Books 1, 2 and 3. Builds on the skills taught in Jolly Phonics, and introduces grammar and spelling rules to improve writing and reading comprehension.


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